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Civil Service

Smarter working

Right across government we are changing our understanding of how people and organisations work, the work itself, about how and where it is best done. Under the The Way We Work (or TW3 for short) – a game changer programme for Civil Service Reform – we are witnessing a quiet revolution in how civil servants work.

Over coming months, blogs will feature perspectives and insights on a Civil Service that embraces a culture of Smart Working.

Where’s the washing powder?

Fruit and vegetables in a supermarket

Helen Challinor from the Department for Education explains how clear categorisation can help us not only with our shopping but also with managing our information at work. Have you ever thought about how your favourite supermarket is set out?  Would …

Civil Service Awards 2020: The Collaboration Award

CS Awards 2020, Shielding Team, MHCLG

The Collaboration Award was taken home by the Shielding team from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Their Shielding programme was a mammoth operation across multiple departments and agencies, set up in March 2020 to provide advice and …

The Virtual Devolution Roadshow 2020

Glynne Jones, Director of the Wales Office, explains the importance of intergovernmental working Intergovernmental working between administrations has never been more important given the ongoing Covid pressures and with the end of the Transition Period fast approaching. Here at the …