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Digital accessibility - working together to break down barriers

Ben Merrick, Director, Joint Funds Unit, Cabinet Office,

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 18 May 2023, visually impaired civil servant Ben Merrick shares the importance of inclusion at work. Global Accessibility Awareness Day was established 12 years ago to get everyone talking about digital access and inclusion. As …

A new job can be scary, talking about your anxiety shouldn’t be

Image of a man walking, head down surrounded by mist

Starting a new job can be daunting at the best of times, but for someone living with anxiety this can be even harder. Civil Service recruit Alex Lennie talks about the importance of being able to talk openly to her …

Things we don’t talk about enough: the impact of eating disorders on men

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Scrabble letters spelling out 'Support'

The theme of the 2023 Eating Disorders Awareness Week was ‘men’ to underline the damaging impacts of eating disorders often endured by them.  Warning: This blog discusses eating disorders so it might be triggering for some people. If you need support, …

Charities and Partners week - 24-28 April 2023

Colleagues discussing work at a laptop in an office environment

This week celebrates the first Civil Service Charities and Partners Week to raise awareness of the help and support available from the welfare bodies we work closely with. It shows that despite offering different things, each organisation complements each other …

Young Carers Action Day - 15 March 2023

Caring image of entwined hands.

Rebecca Sudworth, Deputy Civil Service Carers’ Lead, talks about the experiences of Civil Service young carers  Today is Young Carers Action Day. This year’s theme is Make Time for Young Carers. Many young carers don’t necessarily think of themselves as carers. …

Creating our Country’s Collective Brain

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Author Catherine Day

Frontline Civil Servant Catherine Day explains why the Royal College of Defence Studies’ Global Strategy Programme is an invaluable experience for anyone who aspires to lead. My 25-year career has involved working on some of the UK’s biggest security challenges. …

Around the world in 28 days for Active Wellbeing 

Two female joggers

New Year, but could it be a whole new you? Matt Bazeley says it’s time to kickstart Active Wellbeing Month to get moving and recapture your mojo! Active Wellbeing is back for its fifth year, helping civil servants make positive …

National Crime Agency help tackle child abuse

NCA top Civil Service Awards Productive Partnerships category

NCA top Civil Service Awards Productive Partnerships category in for their valuable tooling to help identify, locate and protect vulnerable victims of sexual abuse. National Crime Agency (NCA) officers’ close collaboration with BAE Systems is protecting children around the world …