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The Civil Service Race Forum (CS Race Forum) is a collaborative group of staff networks working towards advancing diversity and equality for Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) minorities in the Civil Service and its agencies.

The CS Race Forum is open to all Civil Service diversity staff networks, as well as other staff networks from the public, private and third sectors that lead on race issues.

Our aims are to:

  • identify race equality issues that affect civil servants and promote the resolution of these issues
  • work collaboratively to test concepts, evidence and approaches that advance racial diversity and equality
  • be a source of information and expertise about leading diversity practices, materials, products and tools
  • liaise with stakeholders across sectors with a view to sharing resources and/or ideas regarding issues of race equality
  • develop and support capability across Whitehall departments' and agencies' Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff networks and their champions and sponsors
  • provide support for each other's wellbeing in the workplace
  • support the delivery of Civil Service Reform, capabilities and other Civil Service-wide plans
  • act in an advisory role to the leadership of the Civil Service on issues and policies addressing racial diversity and equality

The five principles of Civil Service Race Forum

  1. We will be honest with ourselves, with our sponsors and champions and with our stakeholders.
  2. We will do things once, so our efforts can be shared widely for local adaption and adoption.
  3. We will take an evidence-based approach and promote leading practice wherever it is found.
  4. We will act and speak with one voice.
  5. We will uphold the Civil Service standards.

Civil Service Race Forum Strategy

The CS Race Forum has developed a new strategy that takes account of 7 policy game-changers, which will be at the heart of our agreed vision. Read the strategy here.


The CS Race Forum is made up of an Executive and Secretariat team.

All joining networks will automatically be offered a place on the Executive as either a full member (for staff networks of central government departments, agencies or non-departmental public bodies with civil servants), or as an associate member (for all other public, private and third sector organisations). It is the expectation that the place on the Executive will be taken up by the Network Chair or their nominated representative. Both full member networks and associate members will share equal status and voting rights.

Following the outcome of the CS Race Forum 2017-18 elections on 26 January, Hamid Motraghi (Home Office) was duly elected as the new Chair and will serve for a one-year term of office. The current Executive team will remain to support the Chair in his new role.

Quarterly full members' meetings

CS Race Forum hold quarterly meetings open to all Steering Group and Executive members of staff networks, as well as Race Champions and/or Diversity Champions.

These meetings are an opportunity to share best practice, meet other members of the forum and hear from guest speakers.

You can read the minutes from the latest meeting, held on 22 September 2017, here.

CS Race Forum Executive Committee Meeting

You can read the minutes from the latest ExCo meeting, held on 22 December 2017, here.

Forthcoming events

Hold the date:  Civil Service Race Forum 'Black History Month' Event

Date:               Tuesday, 2 October 2018.
10:00 to 16:00.
BEIS Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET.
Event topic:  
Black History Month 2018:  (Celebrating Windrush and the 50th Anniversary of the Race Relations Act 1968).

 Further details will follow shortly, once speakers have been confirmed.

CS Race Forum Quarterly Full Members’ Meeting

Date and time: (the last meeting was held on Wednesday, 1 August 2018; details of next meeting tba).

Venue: tba.

All attendees must confirm their details before attending, otherwise entry will be refused by security.

All visitors must present photographic ID at reception. Only government-issued photo ID (original identity documents) is acceptable. This includes the following:

•        Passport

•        Photo driving licence

•        Official government department ID card

For further information, please contact Frank Munro:

Contact for general enquiries