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Civil Service

A great place to work

A range of blogs illustrating the theme of the same name, one of the four supporting pillars of the vision of 'A Brilliant Civil Service'.

The strapline for this theme is: "A brilliant Civil Service - a great place to work. It will continue to be inclusive, flexible, modern and connected, sitting at the heart of a wider public service. In everything we do we will encourage openness, challenge, innovation and excellence."

The three other pillars of the vision are: Improved outcomes; Effective leaders; Skilled people.

Personal Disability Stories: Part 6 - Stella’s story

Detail from first page of Workplace Adjustment Passport: 'The purpose of the passport is for you to record all workplace requirements with your line manager. Sharing and discussing your passport with your line manager will enable them to provide you with tailored support and appropriate workplace adjustments.' The rest of the picture shows parts of the form requesting personal details of disability and barriers currently experienced.

Philip Rutnam introduces Stella Perrett's story, which illustrates the value of the Workplace Adjustment Passport for disabled colleagues.