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Philip Rutnam, Perm Secretary for the Department for Transport and Civil Service Disability Champion

Sir Philip Rutnam, Home Office Permanent Secretary, and Civil Service Disability Champion

Philip Rutnam joined the Home Office as Permanent Secretary in April 2017. Previously, he was Permanent Secretary at the Department for Transport for 5 years.

He was appointed Civil Service Disability Champion in 2015.

He was knighted in the 2018 New Year's Honours List.

Follow Philip on Twitter: @PhilipRutnam

A look back at International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019

Colleagues from the Health and Safety Executive and the Office for Nuclear Regulation celebrating International Day of Disable Persons and the 25th anniversary of the Equal network for disabled staff

Civil Service Disability Champion Philip Rutnam looks at how departments, agencies, teams and staff networks across government marked International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Workplace Adjustment Stories: 1 – Sue’s story

Detail from the Civil Service Workplace Adjustment Passport

In the first in a series of blogs on the theme of workplace adjustments, Sue shares her personal experience of how effective adjustments help her manage her mental health.

Personal disability stories: 13 – Michael's story

Michael approaching the finish line in an Ironman race

Civil Service Disability Champion Philip Rutnam introduces Michael, who talks about his long recovery from a traumatic brain injury and what the experience has taught him.

Developing talented people with a disability to create more diverse leadership

Philip Rutnam introduces two participants in a programme specifically designed for those with a disability who win a place on leadership development schemes.

Personal Disability Stories: 12 – Rosie’s story

Portrait image of Rosie - lady with curly auburn hair and blue eyes

Philip Rutnam introduces Rosie's account of living and working with the relatively common but little-known condition of Sensory Processing - or High - Sensitivity.

Personal disability stories: 11 - Julia's and Andy's stories

Portrait photograph of Julia Walsh

To mark the recent Deaf Awareness Week, Philip Rutnam introduces the personal stories of two Civil Service colleagues who live with hearing loss.

Personal Disability Stories: 10 – Kay’s story

Head and shoulders photo of Royal Navy Commander Kay Hallsworth, who lives with the condition ME

Philip Rutnam introduces the latest in our series of personal disability stories from public servants. This one focuses on Royal Navy Commander Kay Hallsworth, who relates her experience of living with ME.