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UK Government Interchange Scheme by Frances Donnelly

Frances Donnelly, Department of Finance, Northern Ireland Civil Service

Northern Ireland Civil Servant, Frances Donnelly's five-day experience of the UK Government gave her fresh insights into Whitehall's workings that left her both informed and inspired. The Cabinet Office devolution team organises an annual interchange opportunity, where Civil Servants from the …

Mental Health First Aid: why it matters

My young daughter came home from school yesterday with a massive hole in her thick blue tights, with some pink bloodied skin poking through. I asked what had happened, and listened sympathetically as she explained how the game of “the …

Civil Service Year of Inclusion: What inclusion means to me...Rohini Aggarwal

To me, inclusion means being seen for the skilled Civil Servant I am. It means not being reduced to the colour of my skin, my gender, or the combination of both. For this blog, I have been asked to focus …

Hearing loss and Covid: Simon’s and Sue’s experience

Sue Reeves, Chair of the Civil Service Disability Network

Earlier this year, when I shared my experience on working from home during the pandemic, some disabled colleagues observed that a large proportion of civil servants working flexibly, provided new opportunities for greater inclusion and line manager empathy. Conversely, I’m …

Championing mental health and wellbeing through the pandemic

Head and shoulders image of Rupert McNeil, Government Chief People Officer

In Mental Health Awareness Week, Government Chief People Office Rupert McNeil introduces a virtual wellbeing and leadership learning package developed by the Civil Service Leadership Academy on how to manage through a crisis and work towards a common goal.

Spending less, delivering more: this year’s savings story

Earlier this week the Chancellor and I announced that as part of our long-term economic plan this Government had saved an unprecedented £14.3 billion for the last financial year, against a 2009-10 baseline. In my speech announcing the savings I …