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Civil Service

Adam Land, Senior Director at the Competition and Markets Authority

Adam is the Competition and Markets Authority’s senior mental health champion, in which capacity he draws on his own lived experience of mental illness, of caring for others and of bereavement by suicide. Adam has been leading a project for the UK Civil Service on supporting colleagues following bereavement or loss. 

Time to Reflect

Matt and Claire Lewis in Venice

With life beginning to return to normal, approximately 6 million people globally have been bereaved since the pandemic, with many left unable to grieve their loss properly. Adam Land uses his final blog in our bereavement series to talk about …

Supporting Civil Service colleagues through loss

Image of hearts to depict bereavement

How Civil Service colleagues support each other through loss Supporting staff experiencing bereavement and loss is a key Civil Service health and wellbeing priority.  In part seven of Adam Land’s bereavement series, Charlotte Bedford talks about the Bereavement Network she …

Anticipatory Grief - the pain of an impending loss

A carer accompanying a person in a wheelchair

Dementia Action Week aims to raise awareness to improve the lives of people affected by this debilitating condition. Author Adam Land has written the third blog in the Bereavement and Loss series.  Anticipatory grief is triggered by an impending loss …

Talking Through Grief - the crucial role of managers

This second blog in our bereavement series, aims to ease and open up conversations between managers and staff about grief and loss. Below, three civil servants share their thoughts on these vital conversations. Siân and manager Angela, both work in …