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Civil Service Careers website: A new way to see opportunities where you live

The latest update to the site includes a feature allowing users to pinpoint their location on a map to see available roles in their area

The Civil Service Careers website recently celebrated its second birthday and it has evolved significantly over that time. The addition of informative and engaging content from more departments and professions, the inclusion of video to showcase our people and the ‘How to Apply’ page have all improved the website’s look and feel. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new feature which will allow users to pinpoint their location on a map to see the roles available where they are. This is particularly important as evidence tells us that there is a lack of awareness over where the Civil Service is based and that can hinder our ability to attract talent. We are a large organisation and have many offices, with vacancies, across the UK. This new functionality comes at a time when the Civil Service is moving to a model of national hubs including Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Users can now see Civil Service opportunities within a 50 mile radius of a given location

Once the user has pinpointed their location on the website’s landing page map, or selected the ‘where you are now’ icon, the Civil Service building locations within a 50 mile radius will be identified. When a specific marker is selected, the department or departments within that particular site will be displayed. The user is then guided to read more about the opportunities on offer and work of that department before being directed to review and apply for jobs there. 

As with all updates to the website, the improvements we make are of value to both civil servants and those from outside industry looking to join us. 

Since our launch on 31 July 2018, I am pleased that we have attracted over 1 million users, a significant milestone for the Civil Service and a positive sign of extending our outreach. The website content is updated regularly to reflect changes and developments so do come back and visit again. For those who haven’t visited yet, take a look and you will see that it is an ideal introduction to the Civil Service which showcases what is in place to help develop you and your career and where we are based to help you meet your aspirations.

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  1. Comment by Kieran Diamond posted on

    Unfortunately, when applying for a current civil service role - can mean - you have to wait several months for an interview due to CVD19. As I have found to my dismay and we are still waiting!

  2. Comment by Salma posted on

    Hi Mark,

    Bit late to the scene but whilst we're on the topic of improvements on the CS Jobs site, can I suggest the following be considered, please:

    1) Being able to view communications that have been issued to you like you could on the old CS jobs site

    2) Withdrawing an incomplete application if you change your mind for instance. I mention this because it'd show as 'Application Unsuccessful' under 'Status' in the scenario mentioned which is exactly the same status as submitting an application and being unsuccessful

    3) It'd be great if you could order your applications somehow according to any of the categories listed. There doesn't seem to be any apparent ordering currently

    Not sure if the above suggestions can be implemented but I think it'd greatly improve user experience if they could. Thank you.

  3. Comment by Mark Williams posted on

    Hi Christopher, thanks for the feedback, I'm the Product Manager of CS Jobs. Be assured that we are reviewing options currently for this type of feature.

  4. Comment by Christopher posted on

    I'd appreciate being able to delete jobs from my 'Applications' section, which you could do under the old system. Thanks.

  5. Comment by andrew cullinane posted on

    Thanks a lot for the feedback Dan. The website, although useful for internal applicants, is primarily designed to reach out to an external audience. On that basis, we would not want to display internal roles which interested external candidates could not apply for. As a member of the Civil Service, you will be able to view both internal and external roles on Civil Service Jobs if you are signed in.

  6. Comment by Dan posted on

    I think helping people to more easily see where Civil Service jobs are based is a great idea. Hopefully this feature is (or will be) available for jobs that are advertised internally, within the Civil Service, as well as jobs that are advertised publicly.