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Civil Service Careers website: applying for a new role

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The Civil Service Careers website was developed to provide an overview of the Civil Service in an accessible way, to show how it is changing and to inform, engage and inspire people from all walks of life to want to come and join us. At the same time, the website supports civil servants keen to discover those opportunities that exist across the organisation.

Whether you are already a civil servant interested in how assessment testing works when applying for a new role, or someone considering a career in the Civil Service, the new How to Apply page on the Civil Service Careers website will help to answer the questions you may have.

The How to Apply page brings together, in one place, important information on working for the Civil Service, whether you are eligible for our roles, and what the recruitment process looks like. You can also take a practice test ahead of the real thing. 

The page sits alongside our Departments and Professions pages, where you can find out more about what we do and what it’s like to work across a wide range of different areas. With 32 departments and agencies, and 14 professions, represented, each provides a flavour of the work being done, as well as an insight into the culture and development on offer.

Since the careers website passed the milestone of 500,000 users in December 2019, the message that the Civil Service is changing is being heard. In reaching out, it is particularly encouraging to know that over half of those who have visited the site go on to seek an opportunity on the Civil Service Jobs application portal

Over the coming year, we will focus on further promotion of the website. If you would like to find out more, or contribute ideas to how it grows, please contact us at: We’d love to hear from you.

The website is a resource for all and is being constantly updated with fresh and engaging content. If you've visited before do pop back and, if you haven’t yet seen it, be sure to give it a look. You’ll certainly learn something new and you’ll likely find something that will help or inspire you to develop your Civil Service career.

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  1. Comment by Ade Brighton posted on

    Great Page. Nice to see a focused approach on promoting the civil service. Part of the issue ( heavily discussed at local office) is that you need to move central to get rapid promotion. When the service is decentralised and shifted to other parts of the country... it might appeal to a greater range of people.

  2. Comment by brenda jeffries posted on

    I was surprised not to see Internal Audit as one of the Professions listed especially as there is a Government Internal Audit Agency as well as sevral stand alone government departments with Internal Audit functions taht have a requirement for auditors to have a Government Internal Audit Certification. The profession has chartered status in the UK and over 9000 members, and is a globally recognised profession with over 170,000 members worldwide.

    • Replies to brenda jeffries>

      Comment by Andrew Cullinane posted on

      Hi Brenda, thanks for getting in touch. Our plan is to continually develop the website and this includes adding new departments, agencies and professions. We have, in fact, previously reached out to the Audit profession through colleagues within the GIAA but it was felt that the timing wasn't right for a website presence at that point. We do however expect to include the profession in the future.

  3. Comment by Paul posted on

    The Careers website is a great move forward, especially for external applicants in helping decipher what roles and opportunities there are in the Civil Service. Great work! Looking forward to seeing how the site evolves over time

    • Replies to Paul>

      Comment by andrew cullinane posted on

      Thanks for the kind words Paul - if you have any thoughts on what we could do better or how we can enhance the site further i'd be interested in hearing them.