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Civil Service

Workplace Adjustment Stories: 1 – Sue’s story

Detail from the Civil Service Workplace Adjustment Passport

In the first in a series of blogs on the theme of workplace adjustments, Sue shares her personal experience of how effective adjustments help her manage her mental health.

Personal Disability Stories: 12 – Rosie’s story

Portrait image of Rosie - lady with curly auburn hair and blue eyes

Philip Rutnam introduces Rosie's account of living and working with the relatively common but little-known condition of Sensory Processing - or High - Sensitivity.

Personal disability stories: 11 - Julia's and Andy's stories

Portrait photograph of Julia Walsh

To mark the recent Deaf Awareness Week, Philip Rutnam introduces the personal stories of two Civil Service colleagues who live with hearing loss.

Personal Disability Stories: 10 – Kay’s story

Head and shoulders photo of Royal Navy Commander Kay Hallsworth, who lives with the condition ME

Philip Rutnam introduces the latest in our series of personal disability stories from public servants. This one focuses on Royal Navy Commander Kay Hallsworth, who relates her experience of living with ME.

Personal Disability Stories: Part 9 – Emil’s story

Head shot of Emil Levendoğlu

To mark Time to Talk Day, Philip Rutnam introduces Emil Levendoğlu's personal account of how he came to open up to others about his mental health.

Personal disability stories: Part 7 – Seonaid's story

Home Office Working Through Cancer logo, with those words on the tail of an arrow pointing to the right

Marking the anniversary of the Disability Confident scheme, this story focuses on how one person's experience of cancer led her to create a new staff support network for those diagnosed with the disease, their carers and colleagues.

Personal Disability Stories: Part 6 - Stella’s story

Detail from first page of Workplace Adjustment Passport: 'The purpose of the passport is for you to record all workplace requirements with your line manager. Sharing and discussing your passport with your line manager will enable them to provide you with tailored support and appropriate workplace adjustments.' The rest of the picture shows parts of the form requesting personal details of disability and barriers currently experienced.

Philip Rutnam introduces Stella Perrett's story, which illustrates the value of the Workplace Adjustment Passport for disabled colleagues.