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Civil Service
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Keela Shackell-Smith, Inclusion Manager at the Food Standards Agency

Keela Shackell-Smith is an Inclusion Manager, Food Standards Agency. Keela led the Civil Service celebrations of the Suffrage Centenary 2018 and co-founded the Cross Government Women's Network.
She was previously a Gender Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Living with loss: A little message goes a long way

Image of grave surrounded by flowers

When Keela Shackell-Smith was rocked by her mum’s death, she founded The Grief Cafe to bring bereaved staff together, and her subsequent blog struck a chord with you. Now she’s back, determined to help staff who lost loved ones during …

The importance of LGBT+ allies 

Cabinet Office Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Keela Shackell-Smith offers tips on how to be a strong ally at work and support your LGBT+ colleagues. I’m a trans ally, ace ally, lesbian ally, gay ally, intersex ally, pan ally….I’m an LGBT+ …

Cross-Government Women’s Network: looking back on a year of success

Co-Chairs Eleanor Binks and Keela Shackell-Smith

Co-chairs of the Cross-Government Women's Network, Keela Shackell-Smith and Eleanor Binks look back on the successes in their first year, and forward to the challenges ahead.