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The Civil Service People Survey – one week to go

John Manzoni
John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service and Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary

The 2017 People Survey closes next Tuesday, 31 October. With one week to go, 227,949 of you (51.3%) have completed the survey.

I encourage those of you who haven’t yet completed the survey to do so. For those who have already completed it, please remind your colleagues about the deadline. We achieved a completion rate of 65% last year, and your involvement is needed to help us exceed that figure. After all, the higher the response rate, the more representative the results will be in reflecting your views, leading to positive actions across the Civil Service.

As Jeremy Heywood mentioned in his blog published to launch the survey, it's one of the best opportunities to make your voice heard, in confidence, and to directly influence real change across the Civil Service.

Complete the People Survey by 31 October

We know that there is always more we can do to meet our ambition of becoming A Brilliant Civil Service, and that’s why your voice matters – to show what progress we are making, where there’s still room for improvement, and how we can make the vision a reality.

The People Survey is run across nearly 100 organisations, on a department-by-department basis, and the results then aggregated for a CS-wide result. This explains why there is no central link to access the survey. You will find details on how to take part on your local intranet, or you can ask your manager. 

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  1. Comment by Badgerface posted on

    In the MOD, the Military and Contractors are allowed to take part and skew the results markedly. So the completion figure are not only for Civil Service.

  2. Comment by c posted on

    If you believe that the survey can lead to "positive" changes, could you please cite some examples of POSITIVE changes.

  3. Comment by John posted on

    Are you talking about the staff survey where participation is "voluntary" Mr Manzoni???
    It says something when half your staff can't even be bothered to complete it, following the complete lack of response from senior management after the last few surveys!

    • Replies to John>

      Comment by The Blog Team posted on

      Hi John,

      Although the response rate was 51% earlier in the week, it continues to increase and is on track to be similar to previous years (65% in 2015 and 2016). With 5 days still to go, the response rate is 58%.

      • Replies to The Blog Team>

        Comment by John posted on

        Thanks for the reply. I honestly can't say I'm surprised the response rate has increased. If other sites are running like our own, they will have had numerous e-mails and members of the management team running around like headless chickens trying to "persuade" staff to take part.