John Manzoni launches new film on the benefits of Reserve service

The Chief Executive of the Civil Service, John Manzoni, launches a new film showcasing the huge range of skills, experiences and behaviours that Reservists bring back to the Civil Service.

CS Reservists 2The film features civil servant Reservists and their line managers highlighting the breadth of transferable skills gained from Reserve service. These include leadership, communication, problem-solving, decision-making and teamwork. In turn, Reservists show how they take their specialist Civil Service skills, flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking into the Reserves.

John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service, endorses the benefit of transferable skills gained by Reservists.

Reserve service offers civil servants unique professional and personal development opportunities that will help to enhance their performance, whatever sphere of the Civil Service they work in.

Lorna, a civil servant Reservist in the Home Office reinforces this in the film, saying:

I’ve had a wealth of experience in the Reserves, which has given me leadership qualities, presentational skills, communication, discipline and time management.

Amanda, Lorna’s line manager at the Home Office, also recognises this benefit:

What Lorna brings from the Reserves definitely contributes towards her work as a civil servant. She’s been consistently a top performer in her performance reviews.

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As well as being able to choose from a wide and varied range of roles in the Reserves and enjoy new and exciting challenges, civil servants receive a minimum of 15 days additional special paid leave and an attractive pay package.

You can view the film here, below or, shortly, on your departmental intranet.

To find out more about Reserves service, search 'Reserves', see the Navy, Army and RAF websites or contact your departmental Reserves Champion.


  1. Charlotte Smith

    I was looking forwards to watching the video via this blog but unfortunately it has been blocked by DWP filtering services. This is a pity. Can someone look into unblocking the video so that we may all enjoy seeing our armed forces in action.

    I hold the armed forces (Army, Navy, RAF and all who serve in the military) with the greatest of respect. To put your life in danger in service of your country is the greatest sacrifice anyone can make. However why focus on the Reserves? We should be bolstering the full time Armed Forces after the savage cut backs as well!

    Also when discussing gaining new found skills in leadership, assertiveness and quick decision making surely this applies to all those who volunteer in other capacities. For example the British Red Cross for whom i volunteer for also allows one to nuture these qualities as well. And i am sure many other voluntary organisations would offer the same.

    Once again i mean no disrespect for the heroes in our armed forces. But how about some balance in the article as well!

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  2. Simon Woodman

    Hi Charlotte. I can answer the technical question; the film will be on the DWP server this morning. Many thanks for your support.

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  3. Tina Townsend-Greaves

    Disappointing that these opportunities are not available to all staff. The Army won't accept applications from anyone over 50, the RAF 55. The Navy links age to posts, but generally only specialist posts are available for the over 50s. We are told people are living longer and healthier, hence the increase in pension age to 67/68, so to arbitrarily refuse applications from staff who still have up to 18 years of working life left before they can retire seems somewhat bizarre...

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  4. David Rennie

    I agree with Tina Townsend-Greaves. The age limit should be displayed on every blurb we receive so we oldies can avoid wasting our time. There may be nationality issues too - the armed forces may have a narrower suitability than the Civil Service. Publicise the limitations please.

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  5. Biff Chit

    It's all freely available here;

    Hope that helps,


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    • The Blog Team

      Thanks. Links to all the Reserve forces websites are provided in the article above.

      The Blog Team

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  6. Helen

    In addition to the previous comments those individuals who have disabilities are unable to join the reserves unless they have deep IT skills due to not being able to get through the medical.

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  7. Rob Mainwaring

    Shame there is an age limit - I'm ex-reserve and am too old at 55, but, with the recruitment issues in all the services I am sure that the older people could take up non front line posts and work in the supporting structures of the reserves releasing the younger personnel for active service. I certainly would have continued my service

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    • Carole Blackwell

      This completely resonates with me. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was too old to apply but although I am 59 I have the fitness age of a 26 year old. I was absolutely devastated as I really really wanted to be a reservist.
      Age discrimination should not happen!

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