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This blog post was published under the 2015-2024 Conservative Administration

Championing inclusion at the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Awards

D&I Awards winnersThe Civil Service aims to become the UK’s most inclusive employer by 2020. Each year the Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognise the teams and individuals helping us to achieve this ambition.

From championing equality as part of the Vote 100 celebrations, to setting up the new cross-government social mobility network, the inspiring shortlist of the 2018 Awards highlighted how the winners, and all those nominated, are doing amazing things to promote diversity and inclusion.

John Manzoni closing the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion AwardsJohn Manzoni closed the Diversity and Inclusion Awards ceremony by congratulating all of the winners and shortlisted nominations:

"The Awards are a brilliant opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of civil servants championing diversity and inclusion.

"Congratulations to the talented winners, shortlisted candidates and all those nominated. Your work is helping us drive change and realise our ambition to make the Civil Service the UK's most inclusive employer by 2020.

"The Civil Service is transforming the way we attract, recruit and develop talented people from different backgrounds, and identifying more ways we can create a great place to work for everyone."

Congratulations to the winners, the shortlisted candidates and all those nominated for the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Awards.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a nomination for the 2018 Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Awards. Together, you made it a really special event. 

The 2018 winners

Cabinet Secretary Award

Kate Abbott, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG)

Championing Disability Inclusion Award

Durham and Tees Valley Job Centre Plus, Support for Schools Team, Department for Work & Pensions

Championing Gender Equality Award

Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team

Championing LGBTI Inclusion Award

National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA) / Crown Prosecution Service LGBT Network

Championing Race Equality Award

Tendai Trafford, Health & Safety Executive

Championing Social Mobility Award

Charlotte Dring, MHCLG

Employee Excellence Network Award

Digital & Technology Normalising Group, Ministry of Justice

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  1. Comment by Lynda McLaughlin-Struthers posted on

    Welcome done everyone, you should all be very proud of your achievements!!!!!

  2. Comment by Ruel Cole posted on

    Without Prejudice
    I would like to congratulate everyone who has worked very hard all year round, to make the Diversity and Inclusion a success within the civil service. I would like to say that I am very proud of you all, and to keep up the good work in making the civil service a diverse and inclusive workplace. You are all fantastic in what you are doing and have done over the years. 52 years on, Asquith Xavier has left a legacy for all employers to have a diverse working environment.

  3. Comment by Sarah posted on

    I can't access the videos either (a pity), but if you click the link saying 'Winners' at the top, it takes you to a page where you can read what each of the different organisations did.

  4. Comment by Mark Bridges posted on

    It would be really nice to meet the winners but all the links are blocked by BT in accordance with Company Police. Seems a waste of time having these blocked if we should be able to see them.

  5. Comment by David posted on

    Unfortunately the page has been set up with youtube links and minions such as me aren't allowed access so are excluded!!

  6. Comment by gavin thomas posted on

    I would like to commend not only the winners of these awards but also those who were nominated.

    The fantastic work that you doing in respect to Diversity and Inclusion is making a significant difference and making staff feel more empowered and inclusive.

  7. Comment by Maj Stephen Potterton posted on

    How sad that all the links to the award winners are blocked from being viewed (youtube). Surely the MOD side of the Civil Service knew that already. I would suggest that more work is needed on the inclusion piece.

  8. Comment by Phil Henderson posted on

    Love the unexplained acronyms MHCLG ??. I feel excluded

  9. Comment by Alison Miller posted on

    This is great news and clear evidence we are making in this area for all. Long may it continue and let's hope we achieve our goal in 2020. Well done to all those recognised with the recent awards.

  10. Comment by Kim Dooley posted on

    Good morning,

    I was interested in reading this article in its entirety. Unfortunately all of what I have to assume are photos of the winners, or an article saying what they did to win the award, were blocked from my computer. They are on a Government website, so am I, so why are they blocked?

    • Replies to Kim Dooley>

      Comment by Liam Sheils posted on

      It's possibly a block on that media or on YouTube by your department but, speaking for HMRC, whereas the videos wouldn't work in Internet Explorer they worked fine when I copied and pasted the article link to Chrome. Therefore I would recommend trying that.

  11. Comment by T McDonald posted on

    Would love to have seen the video's associated with these awards but unfortunately and as usual, YouTube is not allowed on MoD PC's!

  12. Comment by Erika Delgado posted on

    Congratulations to all winners!

  13. Comment by Robert Wagener posted on

    Great stuff!

    I wondered, though, if the CS do a bit more to mark UK Diabetes Week or next month's World Diabetes Day? Neither get mentioned prominently in my Department (HMRC), but it's one of those invisible conditions that can easily be overlooked even though it's rapidily becoming a bit of a pandemic.

    • Replies to Robert Wagener>

      Comment by Matt Behan posted on

      Congratulations everyone. Absolutely fantastic. I bet it was an amazing evening.