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Sleep struggles - and how to beat them 

Image of a man yawning

Sleep Awareness Day highlights the importance of quality sleep and how insomnia can have a devastating impact on our wellbeing. Andy Clarke tells us how signing up to Sleepstation through the Charity for Civil Servants helped improve his quality of …

To share or not to share, that is the question

Ruth Harriford and Charlotte Milddleton, Deputy Directors, Policy Profession, MoJ

Finding the right person to share a job with can be difficult but is totally worthwhile once all goes to plan.  Most of us have seen the movie When Harry Met Sally; in this Civil Service remake, we talk about …

Start an exciting career in government cyber security

Government cyber security profession

The Civil Service is recruiting women as cyber security apprentices. If you want an exhilarating career, rich with opportunities and excellent training to progress, don’t delay - apply by 10 March. My name is *Chloe and I’m a government cyber …

World Hearing Day - 3 March. The Rose Looks Fair

Ian Wallace reads magazine featuring Deaf trailblazer Rose Ayling Ellis

To mark World Hearing Day, Ian Wallace hails the success of Strictly Come Dancing star Rose Ayling-Ellis as a trailblazer for the deaf. Every year on 3 March, World Hearing Day is celebrated. On this day, the World Federation of …

Diversity leads to better decision-making

diverse office in team meeting

The Government Security Function’s mission is to defend the UK government from security threats whilst protecting the public. To do this effectively, they’re driving up diversity of thought in every area of their work.  The Government Security Function is made …

Living with an eating disorder

image of scrabble letters spelling out eating disorders

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (28 February - 6 March) helps fight misunderstandings over anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other eating disorders. It also highlights the importance of receiving professional help early. Below, Martin Riley shares his experiences. I can’t pinpoint …

Finding policies that work

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Image of money and plants to indicate healthy growth

The Evaluation Task Force has launched a £15 million fund to accelerate evaluation activity across government to improve our understanding of what works and inform better decisions. There is growing enthusiasm for improving evaluation practice across government. In a 2019, …

Supporting Civil Service colleagues through loss

Image of hearts to depict bereavement

How Civil Service colleagues support each other through loss Supporting staff experiencing bereavement and loss is a key Civil Service health and wellbeing priority.  In part seven of Adam Land’s bereavement series, Charlotte Bedford talks about the Bereavement Network she …

UK's quest to be a global science superpower

Sir Patrick Vallance, National Technology Adviser and Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Science and technology are, perhaps more than ever, transforming people’s lives writes Sir Patrick Vallance.  In order to thrive in an increasingly competitive world, countries must apply science and technology strategically and embed it in their policy- and decision-making.  The …

We’re Levelling Up Careers in the Civil Service

Alex Chisholm

Following the newly-launched Levelling Up White Paper, Alex Chisholm explores how moving thousands of Civil Service roles and creating more opportunity around the country will help us to build A Modern Civil Service.  Last week the Government launched the much …