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Talent Action Plan Refresh: Tough pledges from SCS

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  1. Comment by John posted on

    One way to keep talent is to pay the going rate for the job. I've just looked at my payslip for April and find that my hard work has earnt me a £10.00 a month pay cut this month.
    I no longer feel "engaged" (to use the current buzzword), or proud to be a civil servant.

  2. Comment by A different Terry posted on

    Although Civil Service HR policy never fails to disappoint nowadays, I tend to work on the assumption that as an employer the Service is entitled to act in way that is "reasonable"and lawful.

    I am encouraged that the Civil Service is looking again at its diversity and inclusion policies,particulary for aspiring managers, but fair treatment across the board is what is required , in my view.

    Upon reading the report "Identifying and removing barriers to talented BAME staff progression in the Civil Service" published recently by Ethnic Dimension for the Civil Service, it does seem to me that PMR has affected BAME adversly both in terms of their future prospects (being significantly more likely to get "must improve") and in terms of pay (being significantly less likely to receive performance pay). Given this, I can no longer hold the assumption that the PMR process as it stands is a reasonable process.Nor can I say that it is implemented in a way that is compatable with equality law. I am curious to know what is to be done about this.

  3. Comment by Terry posted on

    These repeated "talent action plan" blogs are laughable when every attempt possible is made to lose the talent we already have by the discredited PMR process and the erosion of terms and conditions.