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Civil Service Awards - celebrating people who have made Britain a better place to live


It’s the mission of the Civil Service to make our country the best it can possibly be.

I believe that every department, every team, every civil servant is working towards that collective goal. You’re not just stone masons chipping away at your individual task – together, we are building a cathedral.

And to deliver on that mission, we need a Civil Service that strives for excellence in all things. That is what the Civil Service Awards are all about recognising exceptional achievement in public service.

Now, on the night, we’ll be celebrating people who in many ways have made Britain a better place to live – through the painstaking study of data and evidence; through rigorous planning and clear-eyed commercial management; by embracing new technology and acquiring new skills; by putting the needs of the public over and above the ingrained habits of the organisation; by inspiring leadership; and through sheer hard work and determination.

I want to congratulate everyone who has made it onto the shortlist and to wish you the very best of luck.

But I also want to say this. I want to say thank you, not only for what you’ve done for our fellow citizens, for the money saved and the services improved, but also for setting a gold standard to which all civil servants can aspire.

So, enjoy the night, and I’ll be raising a glass to your success.

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