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Civil Service Awards 2015: Broadband Delivery UK Value for Money team

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I am delighted that DCMS has been shortlisted for this exciting award.

I’m very proud of the outstanding work done by our Value for Money Team to drive savings and efficiencies in the contracts between our local authorities and our suppliers.

This has released well-over £100 Million for reinvestment in the rollout of superfast broadband across the UK, with potentially more savings yet to be found in the future.

So well done to the Value for Money Team, we’re very very proud of your work and achievements to date, well done.

The Financial Management Award

Sponsored by Rift Group

An award that recognises an individual or team that has delivered excellence in financial management. This might include:

  • provision of high quality financial information and guidance that has enabled optimal decision-making, resulting in value for money
  • good financial planning and management that has aided cost reduction, helped drive efficiency and ensured effective supplier contract negotiations
  • successfully delivered new financial systems and services which are robust, flexible, fast and fully designed to meet customers’ financial needs

Why were the Value for Money Team shortlisted?

The Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) Value for Money team have worked tirelessly to scrutinise the financial data provided by BT to the 44 local bodies on the cost associated with the rollout out of superfast broadband.

This has greatly improved cost transparency across the programme and led to cost reductions of around £142m to date. In addition, BDUK used this work to agree a standard cost model with BT for the contracts in Phase 2 of the programme thereby achieving further savings. Using this analysis, BDUK supports local bodies by providing quarterly cost comparison reports for each project, which compare key measures against the equivalent data from all local bodies. The team also provides guidance and advice and regional opportunities to promote best practice and share knowledge. This additional information gives the local authorities a high degree of confidence to support their local assurance process and is greatly appreciated.

The work of the team has been commended by the MPA and the National Audit Office.

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