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Civil Service Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network


Banner of the Civil Service Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network

The Civil Service Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network is a sub-network of the Civil Service Disability Network (CSDN) and is open to all civil servants and agencies staff.

The network is designed primarily to provide support to those who are D/deaf, hard of hearing, have tinnitus, misophonia, hyperacusis or any other hearing/deafness-related condition. We welcome friends, relatives, managers and colleagues of employees with any of the above conditions. We are also looking for allies who are keen to make the workplace more diverse and equal.

The network offers the opportunity for everyone to come together as a group, to discuss, share and support each other on all matters relating to deafness and hearing loss and to push for positive change through improving corporate policies, sharing best practice and encouraging the use of innovative assistive technologies

It engages with people across government with the aim of offering all civil servants the opportunity to safely challenge workplace barriers and to shape the deafness and hearing loss agenda for the Civil Service.


To provide advice, information, support and guidance to all Civil Service staff on deafness and hearing loss and to work together across the Civil Service to raise the profile of deafness and hearing loss while sharing and promoting best practice.


  • To increase awareness of deafness and hearing loss issues across the Civil Service.
  • To offer a forum to raise and address specific concerns related to deafness and hearing loss.
  • To engage proactively with policy development, the Civil Service Disability Network, Civil Service Workplace Adjustment Team and other departmental networks as appropriate, to ensure consideration is given to deafness and hearing loss requirements at an early stage.
  • To establish links with Diversity and Inclusion staff across the Civil Service, sharing best practice and providing mutual support where deafness and hearing loss issues arise.

The five principles of the Civil Service Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network

  1. We will be honest with ourselves, our sponsors, champions and all our stakeholders.
  2. We will uphold Civil Service standards of behaviour, including the Civil Service Code.
  3. We will promote our work, in a manner that is aligned with the Civil Service Disability Network and the Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.
  4. We will welcome everyone to be part of our network within the Civil Service.
  5. We will be inclusive of each other as network members and act and speak with one voice.

Initiatives the Civil Service Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network is implementing:

  • Regular newsletter with updates across all departments and the latest news in the world on hearing/deafness.
  • Awareness sessions across all departments. Our aim this year is to raise awareness among managers on how they can implement workplace adjustments with the effect of increasing team productivity. Please contact one of our representatives below if you would like to book a session for your team.
  • Online monthly 1-hour Coffee morning meetings. Become a CSDHHN member and join our vibrant community of similar-minded people.
  • A CSDHHN Assistive Technologies for deaf* Working Group (CATDWG) bringing together CS departments to formulate and track progress against agreed minimum standards of assistive technologies utilised by deaf* people. .

General enquiries

If you would like to join the Civil Service Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network, or find out more about it, please contact or

* We use the term 'deaf' to cover the whole hearing/deafness spectrum.